Master Fu and the Zen of atheism, chapter 1: The Catholic and the Bible

Master Fu and the Zen of atheism

Chapter 1. The Catholic and the Bible.

One day, Master Fu was eating with his disciples when a Catholic appeared. “Master Fu”, said the Catholic, “why do you insist on denying the word of God?”

Master Fu asked the Catholic: “Tell me, young man, how do you know your Bible is the word of God?”

“Because my Church says so, and my Church is enlightened with the Holy Spirit”.

Master Fu stared at him, and said: “Prove it.”

The Catholic proceeded to ennumerate the passages of the Bible which appointed to his Church as “the true Church that Jesus founded”.

“That’s your proof?”, asked Master Fu.


“In other words, the Bible is the word of God because the Church says so, and the Church is right because the Bible says so.”

“That’s right”, answered the Catholic.

“But you don’t have any external evidence to prove anything you just said.”

“We have the testimony of the Church Fathers and the Christian martyrs.”

“And if they lied?”

“They couldn’t lie, they’re Saints.”

“Says who?”

“The Church.”

“And if the Church is wrong?”

“It can’t be wrong. The Bible proves it.”

Master foo then asked the Catholic to follow him to his living room. He unplugged the outlet strip from the wall, and everything that was connected to it got turned off. He then plugged the outlet strip into itself.

“What are you doing?”, asked the Catholic.


And then the Catholic was enlightened.


About geekatheist

Former catholic seminarist, gone atheist in 2011. I will speak about religion, human rights, and miscelaneous geek stuff.
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